quiddative: Bela Talbot, bitches (shoot to thrill)
a question to the world ([personal profile] quiddative) wrote2013-02-03 03:29 am

01. state of the union

  • my roommates and i realized today that we just finished the fourth week of our last semester of undergrad
  • cue instant panic
  • good news, though: i got accepted into the University of Aberdeen so hopefully by this time next year i'll be halfway through my MLitt degree in Creative Writing way the fuck up north in Scotland
  • that's as long as i keep my gpa at/above 3.3, which i'm reasonably certain i can do, but that still doesn't stop me from freaking out about marks
  • nevertheless, i am so ready to graduate and get out of this town
  • i marathoned Motorcity in 2 days and was a screaming, flailing, crying, begging, and angry (at Disney) mess after the finale
  • so basically all the stages of grief sans acceptance
  • Mike Chilton is my forever girl